Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Randoms

1. I'm going through baby clothes and baby thing & I'm having quite the range of emotions.
2. The ecards crack me up. I seriously love them. Someone sent this to me ...aww I feel so loved.

3. I can't believe Aubrey's birthday is next week!! She so excited. So much to do to get ready.
4. The hot summer weather is coming. 99* on Thursday. Not looking forward to the heat.
5. I *finally* made prayer journals for the kids. I even wrote in them. Yay!!

6. Conrad's graduation party went so well. I made some yummy treats from Pintrest. I'll post the links when I'm on the computer. So proud of Conrad!!
7. I was introduced to buying Cricut cartridges on Ebay. I'm addicted to checking the app. I got a Sesame Street Elmo cartridge I've been eyeing for Allyson's party in 5 months. :)
8. Ugh my phone battery dies so quickly. Annoying!
9. Fathers Day is coming up & I don't know what to get C.
10. Why can't I sleep when everyone else is? Maybe it's time to close the EBay app & go to bed! Night!!
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