Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Randomness

1. I wish Austin & Allyson napped at the same time. I'm exhausted.

2. I reeeally want to cut my hair short.

3. I need to get something different for the girls toys. These bins just are not working.

4. I am really upset that I was sick on Saturday & Sunday. Such a crummy Mothers Day.

5. Austin's 3 month clothes are too small. His jammies he's wearing tonight are my favorite & I'm sad it's the last time he'll be wearing them.

6. I am making felt juice boxes for an exchange & I haven't started & NEED to start. I have 22 to make. They are going to be cute!

7. I got attacked by a mosquito last night. Six of them!!

8. Austin is still sleeping in his swing at night. I need to get him outta there!

9. I'm craving a grill cheese sandwich.

10. I still cant believe Friday I locked my keys, kids & phone in my car. Ugh. We'll talk about that later.

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1 comment:

  1. Um, I am thinking I need to hear more about this car incident you speak of! Craziness! Were you totally freaking out?!

    And those mosquitos are out in full force lately. I hate it!

    About the swing, don't feel bad at all...Isla is WAY older than Austin and still sleeping in hers!


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