Tuesday, May 8, 2012

18 months

Monthly Survey

1.       How old? 18 months 

2.       Stats:

a.       Weight: 24 pounds

b.      Height: 

c.       Clothes size: Mostly 2T. She has a few things that are 18m. She has a whole summer wardrobe of Aubrey's hand me down. Score! 

d.      Diaper size: Fours

e.      Hair color: Blonde

f.        Anything else?

3.       Milestones:

a.       Teething: She's working on getting her cuspid teeth. Poor girl is a drooling mess. 

b.      Talking: She's not a big talker. We have to really ask her to say things.

c.       Words: Newest words: Off and Out 

d.      Other communication: She is pointing at things that she wants. 

e.      Walking: everywhere and running and spinning 

f.        Anything else? She just started to jump. It's the cutest. I'll count to three and she's jump on the changing table or the high chair. 

4.       Things she likes:

a.       Toys: She likes to push her baby stroller and hold her baby doll. She likes to play with anything that Aubrey is playing with.

b.      Books: She has a book that has pictures of animals, her favorite page is the page with doggies.

c.       Songs: She likes when Violet, her puppy, sings The Wheels on the Bus 

d.      TV Shows: Sesame Street! Actually the theme song and then Elmo's World. 

e.      Other activities: Going on walks and playing outside

5.       Things she dislikes: She is a pretty go with the flow girl. 

6.       Sleeping: She is still sleeping and napping pretty good. 

7.       Eating: 

a.       Favorite foods: Goldfish.

b.      Not so favorite foods: Pretty much depends on the day and her attitude. 

8.       Nicknames: Ally and bug

9.       Things we’re looking forward to next month: We are heading to the Zoo with Papa and Nana in a few weeks. I cannot wait for her to see all the animals. We might stop by the beach too :) 

10.   How I like motherhood: I love it. Even though there are tough and challenging moments, I still absolutely love it. 

a.       Likes: I love watching her learn new things. 

b.      Dislikes: Not being able to be in 3 places at once. 

18 months - 5/4/12

Yea this is how it went trying to take her picture. She would throw her doll over the edge. Stand up.

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