Sunday, April 22, 2012

Austin is 1 month already.

1) How old is your baby? 1 month
2) Stats
: 11 pounds 11 ounces
Clothing size: 3 months
Diaper size: Size 1
Hair: Light light brown
Eyes: bright blue
3) Are they?
Teething: No!
Talking: Crying. He makes little grunts, sighs and just a bunch of sweet sounds
Rolling: There are times when he looks like he's about to but he hasn't.
Anything else you want to add: He's starting to smile a little bit. Melts this mommas heart.
4) What they like
Toys: He likes to look up at the mobile on his swing.
Song: Aubrey sings him little songs when we put her to bed. I can tell he likes them.
5) What they dislike: He's a pretty laid back baby.
Ways they like to be soothed: Nursing, rocked, patted and shhh-ed

6) How are they sleeping? He's doing pretty good. He gives me a 4-5 hour stretch at night then asleep for about 3 hours before he's "up" for the day.
7) How are they feeding? He's ok right now. He's been stuffed up so he's eating a little bit often during the day. We had trouble with his latch but it seems to be getting better.
8) Nicknames – AJ, brother, big guy ... a ton of other things but those are the main ones.
9) What are you looking forward to the next month? Real smiles and cooing.
10) How are you handling Motherhood?
Likes: I love all the cuddles and snuggling with Austin.
Dislikes: Trying to split my time between 3 kiddos. Why can't I be in 3 places at once? 

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