Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last Saturday we went to Funland in Lodi to celebrate Cianna's birthday. I was brave enough to take Aubrey and Austin

Ok ok I brought my sister along as back up. She didn't mind. She got plenty of snuggles with Austin. 

Aubrey and a new friend she made.

She looks so big! I can't believe she will be 5 soon.

Austin meeting his BFF Ryder. They are 3 months apart :)

It was hot out on Saturday! Then we came home only to find that our AC is broken. It's putting out cool air but not cold. It's more like a fan. Sunday was not fun dealing with the heat. Ugh and every person on Facebook was posting pictures of their kids swimming. Thankfully it's cooled off and the AC should be fixed soon. 

Two under two Tuesday

How old are they?

A. Austin 4 weeks 5 days
B. Allyson 17 months

What activities are going on this week?
My birthday is Friday so we will be celebrating this week!

What challenges are we dealing with this week?
Temper tantrums from Allyson. Attitude from Aubrey. Austin this morning has been wanting to eat every hour & a half. All we are doing today is nursing.

Any milestones reached this week?

A. Austin is sleeping a good 4-5 hrs each night. He goes to bed around 11-11:30 & will wake up around 4. He'll eat & go back to sleep til 7:00-8:00ish.

B. Allyson - She learned to say "off".

How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

Likes: Love seeing how much Allyson loves her baby brother. I like that having him around is all she is going to remember.

Dislikes: Allyson has really started temper tantrums. If I'm feeding Austin its hard to deal with her. I end up with two crying kids because I have to stop feeding him to deal with her. Thankfully Conrad is home & dealing with Ally most of the time.

Any tips or tricks to share?
I've been trying to make time for Allyson so she doesn't feel jealous of the time I spend feeding/holding/comforting Austin.

Pic of the week

I can't seem to get a good one of the Austin and Ally. This one was sweet though. Before I grabbed my camera Allyson was laying down next to Aubrey watching her. You could just see the love that she had for Aubrey. It was amazing to see.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Austin is 1 month already.

1) How old is your baby? 1 month
2) Stats
: 11 pounds 11 ounces
Clothing size: 3 months
Diaper size: Size 1
Hair: Light light brown
Eyes: bright blue
3) Are they?
Teething: No!
Talking: Crying. He makes little grunts, sighs and just a bunch of sweet sounds
Rolling: There are times when he looks like he's about to but he hasn't.
Anything else you want to add: He's starting to smile a little bit. Melts this mommas heart.
4) What they like
Toys: He likes to look up at the mobile on his swing.
Song: Aubrey sings him little songs when we put her to bed. I can tell he likes them.
5) What they dislike: He's a pretty laid back baby.
Ways they like to be soothed: Nursing, rocked, patted and shhh-ed

6) How are they sleeping? He's doing pretty good. He gives me a 4-5 hour stretch at night then asleep for about 3 hours before he's "up" for the day.
7) How are they feeding? He's ok right now. He's been stuffed up so he's eating a little bit often during the day. We had trouble with his latch but it seems to be getting better.
8) Nicknames – AJ, brother, big guy ... a ton of other things but those are the main ones.
9) What are you looking forward to the next month? Real smiles and cooing.
10) How are you handling Motherhood?
Likes: I love all the cuddles and snuggling with Austin.
Dislikes: Trying to split my time between 3 kiddos. Why can't I be in 3 places at once? 

Monthly Pic: 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

iPhone pics

I have a TON of pics on my dang phone. Time to share em!

Trying out the bouncy chair.

Enjoying her PB&J

First time at Bunco & flippin Mommy off.

Cuddled up in the Moby

Mommy's Big guy :)

Aubrey & Daddy had a daddy/daughter date & went shopping. There last stop was the dollar store. Aubrey picked out a puzzle & a drawing pad.

New outfit!

Pink Converse

WIDE awake

Allyson has learned to pick her nose, gross!! Yesterday I guess she was picking her nose & wiped her booger on her face. Like a good mom I snapped a picture before wiping it off.

Two under two Tuesday

How old are they?

A. Austin - 3 weeks 5 days
B. Allyson - 17 months

What activities are going on this week? Nothing is really planned. Just Dealing with each day as it comes. Kathy has been helpful by taking the girls for a day so we can run errands, enjoy time alone with just Austin & squeeze in a nap.

What challenges are we dealing with this week?
Allyson has learned to throw fits .. Yay. Just dealing with melt downs

Any milestones reached this week?
A. Austin is having more awake time. He's starting to really stare at our faces & even give us little smiles. Melts my heart!

B. Allyson is starting to say up more when she wants to be held or sit in her high chair without being prompted.

How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

Likes: It just makes me smile seeing my girls love on their brother. Ally loves to kiss Austin. His head, his feet and just about anywhere she can reach.

Dislikes: it can be tough because Ally still needs a lot of attention. I'm thankfully Conrad is still at home & helping out sooo much.

Any tips or tricks to share?
Being flexible with Ally's schedule. Trying to keep it the same but it's ok if things are a tad bit thrown off.

Pic of the week

Kisses for little brother

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 weeks old!

My little guy is 2 weeks already. I can't believe it.

I went to the LC on Tuesday to help me with getting Austin to latch while nursing. Turns out we are doing it right it's just getting used to having a baby nurse again... ouch! She weighed him before I nursed him and I was pretty shocked to see that he was already up to 10 pounds 6 ounces!! Chunkster!! The LC commented on what a healthy baby he was. His weight is great and his color is awesome, he's a perfect little breast fed baby.

He has been in 3 month sized clothes since he came home from the hospital. The newborn diapers I had bought didn't really fit but we made it work. Such a change from little Allyson that wasn't gaining weight. It's crazy to think that she was 3 pounds less than he is. I'm so thankful that we don't have to do tube feeding or pumping to increase my supply. I get to spend time just snuggling, cuddling and enjoying my big guy.

Austin's Birth Story - Part 1

 2 weeks later but here it is.

   Thursday the 22nd we were all set to be induced at 7:30am. Finally time to meet our little bundle and find out who baby was!! I woke up at 2:30 that morning with some crazy contractions. I came out into the living room and started timing them. they were 5-7 minutes apart and boy did they hurt BAD! I kept timing them until about 4:30, I called the hospital to see if I should come in or keep holding out until 7:30. The nurse suggested taking a shower and to try to eat something and see how that works out. About an hour later the hospital calls and asks how things are going and if I could come in at 9:30 instead of 7:30. Umm NO! Conrad's dad came over about 6:45 and Conrad goes over some of the stuff for the girls while I waddle around in pain getting all my stuff together and get ready.

Off to the hospital we go. Contractions were pretty close together. It was looking great! We get into labor and delivery and I had a stop in my tracks contractions and a nurse that was walking by went and got me a wheel chair and I was wheeled away to my room. I got my gown own and the nurse checked me right away and I was already 4cm dilated. I was so happy not to be a one!! I got hooked up  to the IV, they took blood and hooked up to the machine to monitor contractions and the baby's heart rate. By 10 o'clock I had my epidural and was 5 cm dilated. Half way there! Things were looking good and the nurse said she thought it would be around noon by the time we got to meet the little one. After my epidural, which worked wonderfully, my contractions slowed down quite a bit. Dr W came in around 11:30 and broke my water and started Pitocin to help move things along. There was meconium in the water so the baby would be looked at by the respiratory therapists before bring baby over. This happen with Aubrey so we kinda knew what to expect. She told the nurse to call her when I was close and no practice pushing because she thought that when things started it was going to go quickly. I was checked again about an hour later and I was 7 cm and my contractions were picking up. It was about 2 and my nurse had to take her lunch but didn't want to leave me with a new nurse if I was going to deliver so I was checked and I was 8 1/2. She told me to hang on for about a 1/2 hour until her lunch was over, as if I had a choice. 

Around 3 she came in and asked how I was doing. I told her I was feeling pressure but no real urge to push. I was checked at I was ready and so was baby. It was finally time to meet our little one. The DR was called, they broke the bed down and got everything set up. It took about half hour to push the little one out. The baby had the cord wrapped tightly around his neck and part of the cord was on his head, so the DR cut and clamped the cord and told Conrad that he would be able to cut it shorter in a bit. A few more pushes and Dr W said "It's a BOY!" Best thing ever. Then things took a turn.

This part is the part that I don't really remember, which kills me not knowing.

I felt like I was going to vomit. I said to whoever would listen that I was going to be sick. It took what felt like forever for someone to bring me something to get sick into. As I was getting sick I realized that I hadn't heard Austin cry. Conrad assured me that he was doing good. A few seconds later I felt like I was going to be sick again. They handed another bag and I threw up again. Then I got a pain in my chest, pain in my back, had trouble breathing and a horrible headache. At some point they brought Austin over to me. I vaguely remember this. I know I was asking a lot about him. I partially remember only because Kathy took a picture of our first meeting. Someone told me that he weighed a whooping 9 pounds 3 ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long. What a chunk he was!!

 They put an oxygen mask on me and I couldn't handle it. I felt like it was suffocating me instead of helping. I couldn't catch my breath and relax. They tried to put the nasal cannula on and that was just worse! I couldn't think straight because of my massive headache or the pain in my chest. They had taken Austin out of the room to make room for a whole team of people that were trying to figure out what was wrong. I heard someone say that my blood pressure was really high, 170 something. They brought an EKG machine in and had me hooked up to all these wires. It was taking a really long time for them to do this test. One of the little electrodes kept coming loose or wasn't reading properly. I kept asking Conrad how Austin was, and asking why nobody was giving me anything for my pain. I remember shivering but I know I had a fever. I couldn't kept my eyes open.  Dr S , the hospitalist, came in and was asking me questions and trying to get me to open my eyes and follow his finger. It hurt my head too bad. I guess they finally had finished my EKG and then it was time to go upstairs and have a CT of my chest and head. I remember being taken up there in my bed and them moving me onto the board to get the scan done. Lying in that tube my mind was racing to all the possible things that could be wrong... thanks Grey Anatomy and House!! I know through all of this I was talking and asking questions. One of them being that I was hungry and why didn't they give me anything for pain. Apparently they did give me some morphine. After all of that I was wheeled to the ICU.

I think I got to the ICU around 7-8 ish. I have no idea though. I am pretty sure I was there for a bit before I started to feel like I could open my eyes, but I was awake. My poor husband, the look that was on his face. I felt awful for everything that he had gone through. My mom and mother in law too. I was hot and still had a fever but was doing better. I was breathing room air and didn't need the oxygen. They put these things on my legs that felt like it massaged them, to prevent any clotting. I was so hungry and thirsty. My mom and Conrad kept getting a rag damp and putting on my head, as gross as it is I was so tempted to drink that nasty water. Don't worry I didn't. I don't know who mentioned or thought of it but 2 nurses from L&D were able to bring Austin up to me to see him and hold. That was the best half hour of my life! Finally holding my son!! Conrad was able to go down and feed him so formula. I couldn't nurse for 24 hours because I had some dye for the CT scan? They brought a pump up and around midnight I tried pumping. Nothing really came out but Adrienne, my super awesome nurse, told me not to worry. I pumped every 2-3 hours getting more and more each time and it killed me to watch her pour the colostrum down the sink. That night in the ICU was the longest night ever. It was so hard to sleep. My blood pressure cuff was going off every hour. I had IVs in both of my hands so it was hard to move around without pulling on something. I had a catheter in still. Oh and I had just had a baby too.

A few of my friends from MOPS had came to pray for me while I was in the ICU. I didn't see them but Conrad, my mom and Kathy did. I think they came while Austin was up with me. Funny story about Austin leaving the maternity floor. Babies have the little security tag so no one can take them out of the area right? Well in order for him to come up they set a timer and he has to be back to the nursery within x amount of time. Well I guess they took to long getting him back and there was a Code Pink, which we heard but had no idea what that was. I guess that they saw security running to find him but he was returned in time.

Friday morning I had an ultrasound done of my legs to make sure there weren't any clots. I was still pumping and dumping. Dr S had came in and said that my EKG and CT scans came back clear. I was still being monitored in the ICU. My nurse during day called down to the nursery to see if they could bring Austin up for me to see again. A little while later 2 nurses brought him up for about an hour of snuggle time. We said something to the nurse about the Code Pink the night before and she said it's hard to bring a baby up here because they get stopped because everyone wants to stop and see the sweet little baby. Conrad went back down with Austin and the nurses and got to feed him again while I took a nap.

My nurse said something to me about possibly being able to be transfered back down to postpartum so I could be with him since all my vitals and everything was coming back just fine. They said by noon I'd most likely be back down there. Oh I was one happy momma!! The CNA came in and helped us get everything packed up and brought me a wheel chair and then ... my nurse came in with some bad news. The hospitalist was worried and didn't think it was good idea for me to go down there because I wasn't going to be monitored as closely as I was up here. All the nurses told me that from what they've seen in me, my vitals and lab work (oh I had so much blood drawn while at the hospital it was ridic!) they think that they feel more than okay with me going down there. They told me that they wouldn't just say that if they didn't believe it. They really thought that I needed to be with my baby, which I did and I needed to tell Dr S that I felt good and needed to be down with my son. They told Dr S that he had to come down and tell me in person that he didn't want to transfer me that they weren't going to tell me. What awesome nurses!! I seriously love them!! I still hadn't walked yet so they said if I felt up to it I could do a few laps around the floor and they would be monitoring me and would show the doctor how well I was doing. We walked a few laps and I could see the people in their rooms. Oh man the ICU is not a happy place, I really didn't belong there. We went back into my room and waited. More waiting. We finally heard the DR talking with one of the nurses. He came into my room and I was ready to cry, beg and plead for him to let me go down there with Austin. Thankfully he said things were looking good and that he would transfer me!! The nurses really did a good job convincing him that I was doing better. They said they told the nurses down there to call them if they had any questions or concerns.

I was around 3 or 4 that I was finally moving down to postpartum into a private room too, YES!! We passed by the nursery and the nurses saw us and brought Austin right into me. What a relief it was to have him in my arms and I was able to hold him as long as I wanted. At 6 p.m. I was able to nurse him for the first time and he did pretty well considering he had been fed from a bottle for the last 24 hours. Conrad left the hospital around 11:30-12 that night. I was pretty much told that Austin was going to be in nursery and they would bring him in every 2-3 hours for me to feed him that I needed my rest.

That's all for now. I'm going to post this and I'll hopefully write the rest soon.