Friday, March 16, 2012

Throwing in the towel

Someone posted this on FB earlier in the week. I really needed this tonight.

I wrote my whole positive post and then BOOM.

 Allyson wouldn't stop just whining. Aubrey's trying to help her stop by calling "Allyson Allyson Allyson" five hundred and twelve times. So we packed up and headed over to Kathy's for Friday night pizza. We get there and of course the girls moods change. So that was really nice. Dinner was nice, the girls were loud but having fun. Then something switched in Aubrey and that lovely little attitude came out. It was like magnified too. It was just awful. It was time to leave anyway. She just cried, screamed, whined... all the fun four year old drama. I just lost it on the car ride home. I threw my towel so far I had to drive back and get it. I was crying while I was driving. Aubrey was crying. all I could think is how on earth am I going to survive this with a stinkin' newborn thrown into the mix. Maybe the baby isn't coming out because he knows it's easier if he just stayed curled up in there. I listened to KLove and was just comforted. I got it together and when we got home it was bedtime, thank you God for bedtime!

I got to have some alone time while I went to fill up the van with gas, which is ridiculously expensive. Sheesh!! Conrad also suggested picking up something to drink at Sonic. Ahhh how a some peace and quiet and a cherry coke and onion rings from Sonic can change the night.

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  1. You will get through. Just remember that first and foremost. Next remember there are people there to help you. And when the going gets really tough, leave the the house. I find getting out with the kids (even if it is just on a walk) is refreshing...most of the time. And remember, you get free childcare during church and MOPS ;)


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