Friday, March 16, 2012

Things I'm going to miss

Instead of posting about how miserable I am, I thought I'd be positive and post some things I will miss about being pregnant.

I'm going to miss feeling the baby move. It really is such an amazing feeling. The little flutters in the beginning. The was that really a kick feeling? Simply amazing!

Eating whatever I want. Whether it's a big meal, a big meal and then a little while later eating some more or something that is just out there. I can totally do it because hey I'm pregnant!

I am going to miss buying fruit/veggies with Aubrey and having her ask if we are going to take pictures with it. It cracks me up.

Here she is with the mini-watermelon

I'm going to miss the not knowing of #3 is. As hard as it's been waiting I know that it's going to be so amazing to find out in the delivery room. It's a lot of fun telling people that we don't know and we are letting it be a surprise.

Ok little baby... it's time to come out and meet everyone!!

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