Friday, March 9, 2012

Kindergarten Registration

Can you believe it?? My little Aubrey is going to be in kindergarten this August? Where has time gone?
What an ordeal registering was. Sheesh!! I had all of the paper work ready to go in my handy family notebook, which I'm loving. I feel so organized. So we get to the school and wait in a small line. Fill out these papers and go wait in another line for the nurse to look at her immunization record. Allyson has been in her stroller this whole time and finally reaches her boiling point and is screaming / crying to get out and well that wasn't going to happen. We get up to the Nurse and she tells me that Aubrey needs 4 shots in order to be enrolled. I swear at Aubrey's last DR appointment they gave her all of her shots and said that she was ready for school. The immunization card didn't have them on there and neither did the registry thing that she checked. Without having the shots her enrollment was incomplete. Meaning since I want AM kinder there is a chance that she might get PM if we don't do this as soon as possible. ugh! So the DR's office couldn't get her in until next week for shots. Uhhh have you seen my pregnancy ticker? ::points over there :: due in 9 days ... yea can't really wait until next week because who really knows what next week holds.

So it was off to the Public Health place ::shudder::
That whole thing was just awful. It was Allyson's nap time. She wasn't too happy from the stroller time earlier. We waited close to an hour and a half to get back to see the nurse. Aubrey got 3 shots and was actually pretty brave about the whole thing. I was impressed. I ended up getting my Whooping Cough shot that I had been procrastinating on, because I didn't want to go down there to get it done! So that's one plus about yesterday. We went and turned in the a copy of her records and so now we are all registered for school! YAY!!

Aubrey is so excited to go. She thought she would be going right away after we turned the paperwork in. She kept talking about what kind of back pack she wanted. and a lunch box and what she could eat, just so much fun. My baby is growing up and I cannot believe it!

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  1. I hate days like that...carting kids around, trying to deal with drama you didn't expect. Days like that always leave me stressed. Glad you got it all done though and your baby is now ready for school!


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