Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bows for balding Beauties

Last week at MOPS there was announcement made for a get together to make Bow for Abigail's Bling for Balding Beauties . I had never heard of this but as Leslie started to read about Abigail and this get together I felt my heart be tugged. I seriously almost started crying right then and there. I knew that it was God telling me that this is something I needed to help out in some way. The sign up sheet came around and I signed up. I came home that day and all I could think about was this. How much something little like a bow or hat could make a difference. Just knowing that there was someone out there that prayed over this bow and for my child. Just thinking of this now brings tears to my eyes. I feel so incredibly blessed to have two little girls that are healthy and one little stubborn baby who is also healthy.

I told Conrad about this and how I really feel like I wanted to help out. He said does that mean a trip to Hobby Lobby? Ummm heck ya it does! Ribbon happened to 50% off!! So I decided to take Aubrey along and tell her what and why we were going to do this.

Just Aubrey and I at Hobby Lobby and she got to push the cart!


It was so neat telling her who and why we were doing this. It was so great to include Aubrey in this.  While we were picking out ribbon a women made a comment to Aubrey that it looked like she was going to be getting a lot of new bows. Aubrey said that Mommy and her friends were going to make pretty bows for sick little girls and Aubrey was picking out ribbon. Melted my heart hearing her tell this woman this.

Stacking our ribbon.

The cashier also said something about all this ribbon and Aubrey told her the same thing she told the previous lady.

Tomorrow is when our group is getting together to make and pray for these bows, beanies and hats. I'm so excited. I can't wait to help out with the making and praying for these kids who will receive these things. Praying for the families of these children and the doctors and nurses who are taking care of them.

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