Sunday, March 11, 2012

39 weeks and still pregnant!

How far along: 39 weeks - 7 days until due date! 
Next appointment: Tuesday 
Any new aches/pains: Same as last week just pressure and contractions. 
Sleep: It's just awful. I cannot wait to have an outside baby so I can sleep again.
Best moment this week: Best dinner ever last night. Steak, green beans & homemade cheddar biscuits... delish!!
Movement: ALL of the time. 
Labor signs: Having contractions pretty much every day. They start to get stronger and then go away. Soon. I keep telling myself very soon. 
Food cravings: Chocolate and cheese. 
What I miss: Just being comfortable doing anything. Everything just seems to take so long to do. 

Here I am with my mini-watermelon

A about a week or two ago I rearranged the girls car seats and put the baby's in. Soooo crazy. Aubrey is in the 3rd row and she LOVES it!

This week we also got our double stroller delivered. YAY! Conrad set it up and put Allyson in it. We both expected her to just hate it but she LOVED it. She cried when he took her out. It's folded up in the living room and she tries to climb on it. I'm just thrilled that she likes it for now.

I know that baby will come when he/she is ready but Conrad and I are both ready. This last week we have looked up things to induce labor. 
I've been drinking pineapple juice like crazy. It's actually pretty good. I was kinda surprised I liked it. Or I'm just desperate and I'm convincing myself I like it. 

I've also been having some raspberry tea. We read this one doesn't induce labor but helps the uterus in some way... whatever it's not too bad and it's different.

Last night I tried making this labor cake which sounded ah-mazing. Well I some how managed to mess it up. It cooked forever but still wasn't cooked all the way through. I was having contractions and in some serious pain so we just threw the cake out. That cake sure smelled good though. 

I have my next appointment on Tuesday and the DR should be setting up an induction date. YAY so there is an end in sight!! I cannot wait to meet you little one!!! 

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  1. Just remember, you really are at the end. If the doctor isn't going to let you go past your due date, that only means a week left! You can count down the days on your fingers...that means its close. I know the last days and weeks are the hardest and most uncomfortable, but you seriously look great...and you are almost done!


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