Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quest, Sonic and the park

*Ugh blogger on my phone has worked until today and I had already put the pics up and everything and then it wouldn't freakin' upload. Ugh technology!!

I mentioned that I would be making a visit to Quest because I'm not gaining weight and they want to check my thyroid. So after the appointment it just happened to be happy hour at Sonic. We surprised Conrad with a drink and of course Aubrey and I got something too. I really love Sonic!

On the way home from Sonic Aubrey asked if we could stop by the park and since we didn't have anything else to do and the weather was pretty nice, I decided it was a great idea.

We got there and I put Allyson in the swing and she did ok. I put Aubrey in the swing next to her and Ally smiled so I snapped a pic.

Gave Aubrey a push and she laughed, Ally laughed. I barely gave Ally a push and ... this is what happen...

Freaked out. Ok so my kid hates swings... um who in the world doesn't like to swing?!?! So we decided to be done with the swings. Aubrey went down a slide that had a puddle at the bottom within the the first 7 minutes we were there. Her poor butt was soaked!! But she was a trooper and wanted to stay and play. Not without a picture first.

We stayed for about 35 minutes then headed home. I think beside the swing drama Allyson had a good time. I know Aubrey did because that was all she could talk about. I was the best mom in the world for the rest of the day! 

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