Saturday, February 25, 2012


I think I'm nesting pretty bad. Ive cleaned this house as best I can with these two little tornadoes I live with. I have taken some little girl outfits out of the bin. I have a few boy clothes that will just need washing. I have diapers & wipes ready to go.

New PNP all set up!! & I set it all up by myself.

On Friday the post office dropped off a nice package from Amazon.
Doesn't it look like the box is smiling?

It's a new nursing pillow!!! With my girls I used the boppy & I really wasn't too impressed. After my 75 thousand visits to the LC with Allyson they recommended a brestfriend pillow. I never bought one, I just dealt with my boppy. This time it was one thing i really wanted to get. Amazon had this super cute one for cheaper than BRU had. Win win right?

Of course my Aubrey thought it was great. I'm glad I have someone that thinks things like this are awesome.

This afternoon I set up the bassinet in our room. (the sheet that goes over that plastic pad is in the washer)

Busted out the baby swing & put it together myself!

I went Target yesterday to get some travel stuff to take to the hospital. I love the little travel size bottles. They really make me smile. Yes, I'm crazy.

The Saturday that Conrad & I had to ourselves we did some shopping & one thing I wanted to get was a new pair of comfy pants to lounge in after baby comes. The is my coming home outfit :)

And my hospital bag is packed and ready!!! Got my cute outfit. Baby's outfit, my travel size stuff, nursing bra & tank, socks. A note to get my phone charger, camera & charger for camera battery.

I'm so ready for A3 to be here!

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  1. I love seeing you get all this stuff out. It seems like so long ago that I was doing this...of course all this stuff is still in use at my house!

    I love that you bought yourself a going home outfit. I think I need to do that for next time. It's a good morale booster!


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