Friday, February 10, 2012

Mall time fun!

*I thought I posted this but I guess my phone doesn't like to post it.

We met up with a friend today and played for a bit at the mall playground. Ugh I know, I know, a million and a half germs. We were there before the mall opened so there weren't too many other kids so I'm hoping that meant a clean-er play area? I can hope right?

Little Ally ventured out and wanted to play which totally surprised me!

We made a visit to the Disney Store, Miss Aubrey's favorite place to go. Allyson fell in love with this cute little puppy from 101 Dalmatians. So of course there was a BOGO sale on stuffed animals so the girls each got to pick something out.

Of all things I thought Miss Aubrey would pick, she picks the peas from Toy Story 3. She cracks me up.

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