Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Binder

On my quest of getting and staying organized this year, I have come to the conclusion that I need to have a family binder.  I had one in the past but it didn't last long. It looks like it did from high school, cute and pretty on the front and then inside was just an organized mess of papers.

At a Mom's Night In for MOPS a friend shared her Control binder. It was amazing, seriously. A place for calendars, schedules, a place for medical information, meal planning and more. She had some printables from Mandi Cresswell. These are super cute. I've been working on getting my stuff into the binder and actually planning out the day. There's a monthly calendar and a day by day. I printed off five copies of the daily pages and have those in a sheet protector and use a wet erase marker. It saves me having to print off a million paper. I am really loving having all of my stuff in one place.

Getting and staying organized is awesome.  I love it!

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