Saturday, February 4, 2012

365+1... Catch up post

I've been pretty good at taking pictures with my camera and if I haven't I know I have them on my phone! YAY! Here are the pictures from this last week. 

Good night Aubrey!
Jan 27, 2012  

Camping out in the living room.

Jan 28 
Jan 28, 2012 

Saturday night Conrad and I were talking about the playroom/living room. We have talked about switching it around. Our entertainment center is massive though and since I'm pregnant and can't lift anything (not like I would have been much help not pregnant). So Sunday Cody came over after church and helped Conrad switch it around while I supervised. I really like the change.
Jan 29 2012 

My precious child. I have her trained, we have our bedtime routine and we read a book. She asks almost every night "Mom, can you take a picture of me and the book?"
Jan 30, 2012 

For Christmas Conrad gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby with a note that said I could use this for a kid free trip to Hobby Lobby. Two gifts in One!! I got to wander around the store without having to take care of a child. I got some fabric to make a cover for our Kindle, can't wait to get started on this. Thanks love for the awesome Hobby Lobby trip!!
Jan 31, 2012 

Someone knew it was nap time and walked over to the drawer where we keep her bottles and grabbed a lid and bottle. She walked to her favorite spot and tried to put the lid on the bottle. She sat there for awhile trying but got it on for the most part. *sigh* she's getting too big!!
February 1st, 2012 
I made Aubrey and Allyson some cute Valentine bags for their chairs. Each morning until Valentine's day I'm trying to put something in Aubrey's bag. Yesterday it was a set of Valentine cups. Today it was just a little love note. She loves going and checking her bag every morning.
February 2nd, 2012  

I made this for Conrad, super cute huh? Thanks to Pinterest and the Crafting Chicks for this awesome find.

February 3rd, 2012 

Happy 15 months to my sweet little Allybug!! She thought it would be fun to celebrate by bouncing in her jumper. Silly kid.
February 4th, 2012 

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