Monday, January 16, 2012

A walk and Laundry

Yesterday while I was doing what felt like 95 loads of laundry, Aubrey got some of the old books that Conrad gave her. The Clown Arounds books are some of her favorite. They are just so silly! 

Allyson likes to "help" with laundry. 

Putting them on her head is her favorite.

While one of the last loads was in the dryer we took a little walk in the chilly weather. Miss Allyson doesn't like wearing gloves, hat or even a we knew it wouldn't be a very long walk. 

At the end of our street there are some dogs and Allyson had the most fun barking at the dogs.

January 16, 2012

Teeny tiny feet on our walk

Miss Aubrey rode her scooter while rockin' her sunglasses and beanie from Uncle Cody.

After her bath tonight I put Aubrey's hair up in a towel and she thought it was the greatest thing ever. 
Ahh the little things in life right? 

Well I'm off to try and get some sleep.

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