Friday, January 6, 2012


Poor Ally is sick.

I hate when my either of my girls are sick.

Allyson has been teething for a while now. Stupid Molars just come through already!! We noticed she was coughing more at night so Thursday it was off to the pediatrician. Everything looked good with her except she had a little fluid in her ear which was probably from the cold that she had. The pedi said if this was his kid he wouldn't treat her with any meds yet and see how she does in a few days, since she hasn't had a fever or anything. He did give us a prescription just in case things got worse. Well of course today she wakes up burning hot, super nasty runny nose. Didn't want to eat anything only wanted her bottle.

 Off to Walgreens we went to fill that prescription! I was told it was only going to be about 15 minutes ... ok I can deal with that ... we ended up waiting for close to 40 minutes. Ughh!!

Ally did enjoy sitting in the waiting area playing on the chair. That lasted about 5 minutes.

Then we had to go Target. I seriously needed 3 things! It was the worst. Allyson didn't want to sit in the cart. She was screaming like I was killing her! So me and my big almost 30 week pregnant self is trying to hold her while she wiggles and squirms and push Aubrey in the shopping cart. 

Aubrey enjoying the crazy Target trip. Her reward a blue icee! 

Not a happy camper!

She did enjoy sitting on my lap watching Baby Einstein. 29 minutes of no crying/whining. I *think* I might have even her Allyson laugh.

tonight was pizza night!! Gigi, Kathy, Cody, Auntie Candice, and Katiya came over and we hung out, ate pizza, played a game of Taboo, and enjoyed a yummy ice cream cake!

Ally thinking she is HOT Stuff sitting in sister's chair!

Princess Aubrey being her smiley goofy self!!

I some how managed to take down most of the Christmas decorations. Our house is sooo empty and boring. I cleaned the playroom, living room, and kitchen and mopped, well swiffered but hey my floor is clean! You can call me Super Mom.  Gosh I was thinking about what the heck am I going to do when this baby comes. I barely survived today with the two that I have... let's add a newborn into the mix.

I then realized though I wouldn't have done all that I did today. So the Christmas stayed up another day. We wouldn't have gone to Target. I just I will just need to get used to doing things with three kids ... yikes!

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