Thursday, January 5, 2012

Marching band fun

For Christmas Aubrey got a drum and like a million other instruments that make a ton of noise, thank Amma.  She usually plays with them in her room because the sound drives me bonkers, great mom huh? This afternoon she asked if she and Allyson could play in the playroom with it. Why not?! 

They had so much fun banging and shaking everything. I had a great time taking pictures so it was win win. 

This is Allyson's favorite spot. She wasn't allowed on the fireplace but now that she's walking there is no stopping her from getting on there.

Watching her sissy shake the maraca

 Ally likes to eat the drumstick rather than play with it.

Aubrey was trying to show her how to do it.

 Ally thought he hand worked much better

I really enjoy afternoons with these two!!

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