Monday, January 2, 2012

Mail organizer

One of my goals for 2012 was to get organized and stay organized. One thing that was a huge mess and I could never find what I needed was where I put my mail. It was a spot on the kitchen counter and it just became the catch all spot. 

See! What a mess! Ping pong balls, DVDs and there is  change in there. Lots of stuff in there but I couldn't find anything that I needed and poor hubby couldn't find anything in the mess either. 

After searching Pinterest I found a great blog with an awesome mail sorting system.

Supplies to make your very own

  • hanging folders and file folders
  • file folder box 
  • Calendar for the front of the box - I printed mine from her website but I'm going to print out my January Calendar from Cozi that way all of my appointments and what not are already printed on, saving this momma some time. 

She has a clip board and pens that she in or near the system. I have my pen in the first folder.

  1. Incoming Mail
  2. Outgoing Mail 
  3. Bills 
  4. To file
  5. Recipes
  6. Coupons 
  7. Grocery Ads 
  8. Heidi 
  9. Conrad 
  10. Girls 

I love that I now have a spot to put my coupons, recipes and ads when I don't have the time to sort them or look through them.

Here's what mine looks like

Ahhh much better! Now I can find the things that I need without searching EVERYWHERE for it. One thing to check off of my needs to be organized list.

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  1. So what did the ping pong balls get filed under? ;) Great idea. I am all about getting organized this year as well. With Ian off this past week, we have been going crazy on our house getting it organized. It feels good getting stuff done.


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