Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas decorations

Ugh I *still* haven't taken down any of my Christmas decor. I really want to but every time I start to it makes me sad. Sad it's another year until Christmas, well about 11 months and I can drag all of it out again. All I've managed to take down were all of our lovely Christmas cards. I hate throwing the cards away but I've never had an ideas on what to do with them until Pinterest. I'm seriously addicted to it. I found this pin. What a simple idea! Aubrey has loved looking at it because it's just sitting on the table waiting to get put away and I can't wait to pull it out next year and see how  everyone has changed. Thanks Pinterest!


  1. Such a cool and easy idea for the Christmas cards! Oh, and I took my Christmas decorations down and now feel like my house looks and feels so empty :(

  2. Right and it's super easy!!

    I know I took most of mine down today. The fireplace looks so boring without the stockings and the Christmas count down thing. :( Time to decorate for Vday!!


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