Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 hour glucose test results ...

Yesterday I had my 32 week appointment. I'm already going in every two weeks. This is crazy to me, our little bundle of joy will be here before we know it.

I posted last time that I failed my 1 hour glucose test. 140 was the cut off and I measured 165 :( so when they had me do the 3 hour test I went in assuming the worst. Well at my appointment the DR gave me the news

I wasn't even borderline. She said that my numbers were normal. Can you believe it?? I certainly can't!! When I told Conrad, he was even in shock. Such a relief. No finger poking, no remembering to check my sugar after a meal, and packing snacks and watching the clock. I'm so thrilled.

The rest of the appointment was good, besides the long wait in the patient room. I had an afternoon appointment and I hate those because it seems to take soo much longer. Our little bundle is measuring right on track and seems to be laying transverse. This kid moves all the time he better move his little head down soon so Mommy doesn't start freaking out. I know there is time but come on kiddo!!

2 weeks ago at my appointment the OB was a little surprised that I hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment. I was a little, ok a lot surprised. So with Christmas, New Years and all the family stuff we did while Gigi was here I gained not a single pound. But little one was measuring right where he should be so that was good. Well I was anxious to hop on the scale (that's a first right) because I was for sure that I went 5 weeks without any gain it was bound to catch up to me right?? Nope again no weight gain. They aren't worried since baby is moving around just fine and he's measuring at 32 weeks, right where he needs to be. Other than that everything looks great!


  1. Nice job, mama!! I haven't gained anything in the last 3 weeks, either and wee man seems to be moving and growing just fine. :)

  2. You just keep eating those snacks from the post below this and you will be fine! ;) And a huge YEA for no gestational diabetes!!!

  3. He is just my guess. I'm usually wrong though so it's probably a girl :) I feel bad always calling it an "it" or "baby"

    Mmm Jessica I have pretzels in the oven now! :)


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