Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a day!

I think I got an extra shot of hormones today. I've been a sobbing mess. I've been crying and stressing over things all day today. Aubrey was my little ray of sunshine today. One of the times she saw that I had tears rolling down my face she said to me "Mom are you crying because I'm so beautiful?" how could that not make me smile? 

My mom had came over after work today to just let me vent to.  I really needed that.  Right before my mom was leaving Allyson somehow fell and hit her mouth against one of the dining room chairs. Poor baby wouldn't let me see where the blood was coming from. She didn't want any ice or a teether. She is now the proud owner of a puffy lip.

My mom thought we needed pictures of the event :) what a good Nannie! 

For Christmas I got Conrad this super fun remote control helicopter! 

Before Aubrey went to bed tonight Conrad flew it around the playroom for a bit. I'm not sure who has more fun Conrad or Aubrey.

Look at all those toys. It looks like a day care threw up in our playroom doesn't it?  

Both girls are in bed now and now little baby Paulsen is awake and moving up a storm! :) That's how it always works though, right? Tonight is definitely an early bed time. 

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  1. "Mom are you crying because I'm so beautiful?" Cutest thing ever!!! If that didn't make your day, I don't know what would!


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