Friday, December 16, 2011

iPhone pics

Yes I know I suck at blogging. I feel like I just don't have time and I don't know how I can even say that because there are some days I feel like all I have is time. But if I sit down to blog while Allyson is awake   she likes to come over and either bang on the keyboard or cry and whine wanting me to hold her so she can bang on the keyboard. During her nap time I have cleaning or other things to do (nap too) After bedtime you ask? Lately I've been sewing presents and what not for Christmas. I've also been sick. This is day seven of sickness :( but I'm finally feeling like it's getting better. I decided to go through my iphone and wanted to share some pics.

Reading Polar Express with Aubs. It was too cute. She was so worried about the boy's parents not knowing where he was that night. Too sweet.    

Allyson had a really clingy/whiny day last week and I just couldn't please her with anything. She wanted up. I pick her up and she cries and wants down. She pulled down the junk newspapers and had the greatest time shaking, ripping, tearing them up. She was busy for a good half hour. A nice break for this sick momma.

Hobby Lobby fun

Allyson had her 12 month check up on the 9th. She's doing great. She's just at the 20 pound mark.
She hated every single part of the appointment. Getting weighed, getting her head measured, getting her length measured, taking her temp and having them look at her. Big girl got 4 shots including her flu shot.  The nurse said that Ally was one of the strongest little 13 month olds ever. Oh she was a pain to give he shots too. Poor nurse.

Love for momma 

Lego fun! 

Game time - Guess Who fun!! She's really good at the game.

Princess Aubrey enjoying some hot cocoa

Signing "please"

Allyson isn't allowed on the fireplace she's finally figured how to climb up there. She smiles the biggest smile ever when she gets up there. How can you be mad at this??

My girls at Costco today. Cute shirts huh? :)

Decorating sugar cookies at Amma's

Hopefully I can get caught up. I have a bump pic to post, now to just get them from the camera to the computer and then to blogger. One day ...

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  1. Looking at Aubrey always makes me smile because she is so stinking cute! I can't wait until Connor is a little older and I can (hopefully) do some of the fun things with him that you do with her.


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