Thursday, December 22, 2011

How is the month almost gone?

How in the world is it the 22nd?? This month has just flown by. It's going to be 2012 in the blink of an eye!!  I am finished with all my Christmas shopping just have some wrapping to do. Just the girls stuff and a few of Conrad's things. I usually wrap them on Christmas Eve for some reason, I do it every year. Maybe I like saving it to the very end to keep that Christmas feeling as long as I can, maybe I'm just a slacker. 

I made these super cute wrapping paper ribbon bow for a few gifts. I got the idea off of a friend's blog. So easy and who knew you could curl wrapping paper. Amazing!!! 

Allyson is officially walking and she's a pro at it already. She went from zero interest in walking to being crazy good. I think she really likes being able to walk around where ever her little heart pleases. She doesn't like it when Aubrey tries to hold her hand and walk. She is still such a little mama's girl. She will walk over to me with her hands in the air and whining. How can I not pick that sweet thing up? Enabler over here.

This is one of there favorite places to place/hide.

We have had quite the time with Aubrey these last couple weeks. Her attitude is crazy. She will have a bunch of good days in a row and then out of no where she'll be horrible. Back talking, stomping her feet, screaming, just a little pill! We came up with a reward system that seems to be working quite well for us. She gets a popsicle stick, with a little something written on there when she is good. Not everytime she is good, we are trying to catch her being good. When she is naughty, back talks, whatever she gets a stick taken away. It seems like a lot of the time she end up with zero sticks at the end of the day. We told her if she collected 5 sticks we would take her to Yogurt Mill and get her current favorite, peppermint. It took probably about a week but here she is with her reward!

I'm really hoping that little Ally doesn't pick up Aubrey's bad habits only her good ones. 
I can dream right? 

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