Sunday, December 4, 2011

13 months

Happy 13 months Allyson! 

You are growing too fast, my dear!! 

I think this is going to be our last monthly pic. It's just getting too tough to get this girl to sit still & be near her dolly. I thought it would be fun to try to get a pic of her in front of the nicely decorated Christmas fireplace ... not so much! 

Allyson have 8 teeth

... you sign "all done" and "please" (you used to do more but now you sign all done and more the same way)'ve taken a few steps to mommy and daddy here and there but still not walking.

... but you do love to push around your stroller and shopping cart

... go from sitting to standing

... still love to dance

... love to have your teeth brushed, especially if Mommy sings "brush brush brush"

I am enjoying watching you grow from a little itty bitty baby into a busy little toddler.

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