Wednesday, November 2, 2011

School choices

Ugh it's just hit me that I really need to figure out what we are going to do with Aubrey and sending her to kindergarten. 

There are two public schools near our house. We are renting now so it's not like this is where we are going to live and I would hate for Aubrey to have to move schools half way through the year or before first grade starts ... 

There are like a ton of charter schools around here. The couple that I'm thinking of the students wear uniforms ... Oh yes I like this idea!!  

I am in such denial that her journey in school is going to start next year. These are the last months that she is all mine and then I turn her over to teachers and other kids for the majority of her day. I know that there is home schooling ... Not an option for us (me!) 

My baby turning one this week and then realizing my other baby will be heading off to school soon + crazy pregnancy hormones = one weepy momma!! I think this is a reminder to cherish every.single.moment with the two of these sweet girlies... and with that I'm off to go "eat" a play doh burrito and make some delicious food with her! 

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