Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There is so much to get caught up on and I know I'm not going to be able to post about it all. I'm sure I'm even forgetting things now.

First off today is my littlest sisters birthday!!

Happy Birthday Kaylee!!! 

Last week with Allyson's party and then preparing for our Arizona trip I was one busy lady. I took my picture for 21 weeks but I didn't take it with a fruit and I haven't taken a pic this week and I still haven't made it to the store to get the correct fruit, sorry. This little one is doing great though. I had an appointment today to have a fetal echo done. Everything checked out just fine. Little babes has a perfectly healthy little heart! Yay. Baby is moving around like crazy!! She gets hiccups at night just like Allyson did. I think her movements are strong enough to feel from the outside but I haven't had C feel them yet. I've tried having Aubrey feel a few times but I'm not quite sure if she's actually feeling the baby.

Our Arizona trip was great. We went down for C's cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. The weather was perfect. Just gorgeous overall! The car ride there wasn't too bad. Allyson cried/whined for about the first 2 hours. It really wasn't that bad. Then around 6 she was out for the night. She did really well. Aubrey kept herself entertained with the ipod. She watched Cars 2 and read books and finally fell asleep around 10:30.

This weekend was busy. Lots of fun though. Had a great time seeing both sides of Conrad's family.

We drove back home on Monday and it was a lot different driving during the day. I'm thankful that we drove at night on the way there. We spent all day Monday in the car! 12 hours of fun. I had a lot of fun this weekend but I sure am glad to be back at home and in my own bed.

Here are my thankful things for the 14 - 16

Day 14: Chili's to go! After driving all day and having fast food, it was nice to call in our order and go pick up something yummy. and 2 for $20 yes please!

Day 15: Thankful for my husband. He took today off and helped me so much around the house. Getting laundry done, dealing with the girls as we get back onto our usual schedule.

Day 16: Thankful for my little sister Kaylee. She can be a pain in my butt at times, but she's a sweet little girl (who is 12 - ummm where does time go??) I cannot wait to see the young woman that she is going to grow into.

I'll post pictures later tonight hopefully!

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