Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ally's new kicks!

Here's my horrible mom confession.
My child is a year old and I am just buying her first pair of shoes. To be fair it was summer and I don't think there was a need for her to wear shoes. Well now that the weather is freakin' cold she needs something on her feet and socks weren't cutting it. She just ripped them right off anyway! We went to Payless on Tuesday. They were having a BOGO 1/2 off sale so I thought we could go check it out and see what they had.

Allyson ended up getting a cute little brown pair and a pink pair. I put the pink pair on her in the car while we drove home. When I got home I fully expected to open the door to Miss Allyson and her bare feet. To my surprise the shoes were on her feet still! She kept them on the whole time at home too. I took them off her before her nap. I was shocked! 

Here's my little cutie pie in the shopping cart at Winco. 
That's a vanilla wafer in her mouth. I have to bribe her to get her to keep her hood on. 
Adorable isn't she??? 

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