Wednesday, November 30, 2011

24 weeks

24 weeks!!! Hopefully March will be here before we know it! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ally's new kicks!

Here's my horrible mom confession.
My child is a year old and I am just buying her first pair of shoes. To be fair it was summer and I don't think there was a need for her to wear shoes. Well now that the weather is freakin' cold she needs something on her feet and socks weren't cutting it. She just ripped them right off anyway! We went to Payless on Tuesday. They were having a BOGO 1/2 off sale so I thought we could go check it out and see what they had.

Allyson ended up getting a cute little brown pair and a pink pair. I put the pink pair on her in the car while we drove home. When I got home I fully expected to open the door to Miss Allyson and her bare feet. To my surprise the shoes were on her feet still! She kept them on the whole time at home too. I took them off her before her nap. I was shocked! 

Here's my little cutie pie in the shopping cart at Winco. 
That's a vanilla wafer in her mouth. I have to bribe her to get her to keep her hood on. 
Adorable isn't she??? 

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Nana, Papa and the grandgirls 

On our way home from Auntie's house - she was being such a doll in the car.

Later in the day at Amma's

This is my favorite picture of the them. I am so thankful that I have 2 beautiful, healthy, fun and crazy girls.

Amma and the girls

So thankful for my family!

Daddy trying to show off her turkey shirt.
I couldn't seem to get a picture of either girl where the turkey is showing.

We had a yummy breakfast at Candice's house on Thursday morning. Papa and Nana were there too. Came home and Miss Allyson took a nap while I made sweet potatoes to take over to Kathy's house. We headed over Kathy's and the boys watched football while us girls ... well I didn't do much but I helped here and there. I was busy keeping my kids under somewhat control. My mom & sisters came over and we had an early dinner. I love that my mom and sisters come over and celebrate with Conrad's family. It's great not to have to pack up and drive somewhere else. It's nice that it's all in one spot.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

lots of pictures

Getting started on our trip 

Only about 5 minutes in and Aubrey already has a juice box and her coloring book and crayons out.

Thursday Night's dinner


Making a wish

Hanging out with her cousins

I love this picture of these two!!

One of Aubrey's favorite parts about the wedding. Dancing!!

Gettin' down!

Allyson wasn't too sure about Gigi. She didn't want to go to her the whole weekend. . . until Sunday night :) Made Gigi happy!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There is so much to get caught up on and I know I'm not going to be able to post about it all. I'm sure I'm even forgetting things now.

First off today is my littlest sisters birthday!!

Happy Birthday Kaylee!!! 

Last week with Allyson's party and then preparing for our Arizona trip I was one busy lady. I took my picture for 21 weeks but I didn't take it with a fruit and I haven't taken a pic this week and I still haven't made it to the store to get the correct fruit, sorry. This little one is doing great though. I had an appointment today to have a fetal echo done. Everything checked out just fine. Little babes has a perfectly healthy little heart! Yay. Baby is moving around like crazy!! She gets hiccups at night just like Allyson did. I think her movements are strong enough to feel from the outside but I haven't had C feel them yet. I've tried having Aubrey feel a few times but I'm not quite sure if she's actually feeling the baby.

Our Arizona trip was great. We went down for C's cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. The weather was perfect. Just gorgeous overall! The car ride there wasn't too bad. Allyson cried/whined for about the first 2 hours. It really wasn't that bad. Then around 6 she was out for the night. She did really well. Aubrey kept herself entertained with the ipod. She watched Cars 2 and read books and finally fell asleep around 10:30.

This weekend was busy. Lots of fun though. Had a great time seeing both sides of Conrad's family.

We drove back home on Monday and it was a lot different driving during the day. I'm thankful that we drove at night on the way there. We spent all day Monday in the car! 12 hours of fun. I had a lot of fun this weekend but I sure am glad to be back at home and in my own bed.

Here are my thankful things for the 14 - 16

Day 14: Chili's to go! After driving all day and having fast food, it was nice to call in our order and go pick up something yummy. and 2 for $20 yes please!

Day 15: Thankful for my husband. He took today off and helped me so much around the house. Getting laundry done, dealing with the girls as we get back onto our usual schedule.

Day 16: Thankful for my little sister Kaylee. She can be a pain in my butt at times, but she's a sweet little girl (who is 12 - ummm where does time go??) I cannot wait to see the young woman that she is going to grow into.

I'll post pictures later tonight hopefully!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Days 9-13

This seems like it's been the busiest month of my life. . . my goodness... here are my thankful days since I can't seem to post daily.

Day 9: I am thankful for smiles. Smiles from my kids can always change my attitude. They smile or giggle at just the right time.

Day 10: Thankful for our van. Our family, Kathy and Cody are all able to drive in one car and get great gas mileage. Let the adventure begin!

Day 11: I am so thankful that we decided to drive to AZ at night on Thursday. We are here, it's Friday and we can just enjoy some time with family without having to rush.

Day 12: Thankful for wifi and 3G. I never knew how much I used the internet until I was without it. It's pretty lame but I'm thankful I can be sitting in AZ and still connected to the world.

Day 13: Thankful for my camera. This weekend has been one busy weekend but I am so thankful that I have my camera and can capture these memories.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful Days 5-8

So with Allyson's birthday this weekend and some other things that went on, I slacked on posting.
 But come on you know you aren't surprised.

Day 5: I am thankful for my friends and family that came to celebrate Allyson's birthday. All of the love and support that each person has given us over the last year has just been amazing.

Day 6: I am thankful for my health.  I don't have any major health problems. I am a healthy 27 year old.

Day 7: Today I am thankful for DRs & ultrasounds. Seeing our little baby on the screen and having them be able to check out every little detail of her little body inside of me. Being able to see on a screen that I have a healthy little one growing inside me, free of any birth defects, it's just amazing.

Day 8: Thankful for Netflix. Allyson was in a mood today and I'm so glad that she will sit even for just a few minutes and watch Larry sing a song on Veggie Tales. Those short moments where she is quiet because she is smiling up at the TV at the silliness ... thank you Netflix. And BONUS that Aubrey LOVES Veggie Tales.

Oh and the cute Give Thanks at the top was made at a table outing for MOPS. Pretty cute huh?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainbow Rice/I-Spy bottle

We are getting ready to head to Arizona to go to a wedding!! We are driving in the car, twelve hours. I searched Pinterest and found this idea for a home made  I-spy bottle with rainbow rice and we decided to make it. It was really easy and Aubrey and I both had a lot of fun making it. 


1 empty bottle
Bag of rice
food coloring 
Hand sanitizer 
Odds and ends to put in your bottle 
Hot glue gun

This is ridiculously easy. 

We put 1C of rice in a ziplock bag with 3-4 drops of food coloring, and 3-4 squirts of the sanitizer. I zipped the bag shut and let Aubrey shake it up. Probably her favorite part. 

I poured it out on some wax paper and let it dry for about 30 minutes. 

Repeat with each color. 

Gather your trinkets and then add them and the rice to the bottle. (I took a picture of the everything that I wanted her to find and I put other things in there just for fun.) I also wrote down what I wanted her to look for so I could ask her from the front seat.

Hot glue the lid so there are no accidents in the car and Voila!

Shaking it up!! 

Somebody wanted to help out too.

Another thing Aubrey enjoyed was mixing up the rice and just running her fingers through it. 

Here are some some the things that we put in our bottle. 

I didn't get a picture of the final product. I think I was too busy trying to keep rice in the bottle and off of the floor. :) Fun project and we will be doing this again!! 

It's a ....

Today was our appointment for an ultrasound at the perinatologist. 
They measured every little thing on this kid. 

It still just amazes me the things that they can see. It was really cute to see his little feet kicking around. Seeing baby's profile (who doesn't look like either Aubrey or Allyson). It was amazing that they can see inside of the baby. Seeing her little kidneys,  her tummy and her little heart beating away... AMAZING.

So I bet you are wondering what we are having .... 

IT'S A .... 


With this pregnancy we have decided not to find out the sex of the baby. The tech said that was good because the way this little one was laying, he was not going to let anyone see. 

This is my favorite picture from this afternoon.  My little one Fist Pumpin' :) 
Mommy is proud! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Party Time!

Saturday we celebrated Allyson's birthday 
The theme was ladybugs, big surprise there right? 
It was such a great day. She took a wonderful morning nap and woke up about a half hour before her party. She woke up in a wonderful mood. 

Ladybug pretzels
 Too cute huh? Thanks Pintrest! 

Birthday Banner and her cute ladybug balloons. After making her banner at a friend's house I really really want a Cricut. Christmas is coming soon. Hint hint. 

Birthday girls Chair

Playing a bit before her party

Stickin' her tongue out, just like her Daddy does when he's concentrating. 

This is seriously my favorite picture of her from the day. She's so big and so happy her. My heart just melts.

I started to make a collage of the pictures from her birthday but then I gave up so there are a few random collages and then a TON of pictures. 

From Aubrey
She picked out a little pink hamster keychair ... Oh Allyson loved it! 

Too much fun! 


These balls were a hit with all the girls at the party. 

and we of course realized that she had a bow in her hair and tried to pull it out. 
When will she learn? 

Allyson & Amma 

The annual picture. Maybe one day we will get everyone looking? 
It's fun to think that next year there will be 2 new little faces sitting there. 

Happy Birthday baby girl!! 

She wanted to touch that candle sooo bad. She was so mad at Conrad and Amma holding her hand back. 

Oh hey a collage.. lol 

She LOVED her chocolate cupcake. Even shared some with Mommy

Katiya playing dress up. Isn't she the cutest little cowgirl??

We had such a great time celebrating our little girls first year. Thank you to all of our family and friends that came and showered our little girl with L♥VE