Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just some randomness ...

Before the sickness hit my house (which is getting better) I started working on Allyson's costume. 
Any guesses? 

I'll post the finished product,  I just need to measure one part on her and then a quick stitch and then she will be good to go! 

Here's just some randomness ...

She is such a goof ball. She loves to sit on her knees. When I try to catch it on the camera of course she moves or it comes out super blurry. 

See blurry! She lunged for me.


And my sweet Aubrey was playing with her friends. While I was trying to get a pic of Allyson she was getting her friends ready to take a picture. I love her to pieces!!

Ohhh and I update my Baby Garden -------------> 

So crazy to htink I'm almost 20 weeks. So close yet so far. 

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