Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween pics!

Aubrey and Allyson both had a ton of fun tonight. 

Aubrey and Cianna

She made it!! 

Blowing kisses!!

Mommy and her pumpkins

We tried to get a pic of Allyson and Piper ... Did not go so well. 
This is the best we got.

What can we expect from an almost one year old up an hour past her bedtime.

 I bought some glow sticks from the dollar store a few days ago for the car ride home... such a hit! Best dollar ever spent.

It kept my tired Ally awake the entire car ride home. She shook it, giggled and waved it at Aubrey.

Daddy had class tonight so he wasn't able to go with us. But we did get lucky and he got out a little early so he was waiting for us when we got home. Nice surprise for both the girls.

Both girls got baths when we got home and were off to dreamland in no time.

Next up: Allyson turning ONE and her party! These girls are getting big too fast!!

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