Friday, September 2, 2011

What a HORRIBLE last 2 days

Thursday was a day that I'd like to forget. Ok I'm being a little dramatic.

Conrad had called me at about noon and asked me if I could bring him some lunch because that morning I had apparently forgotten to give him a large part of his lunch. I told him no problem. I start driving to get his food and all of a sudden I get this horrible pain in my mouth. By the time I'm at Del Taco I'm in tears and on the phone with the dentist trying to make an appointment to be seen asap. I picked up Conrad and Aubrey food (I was in too much pain to eat). Dropped his food off, had called my MIL to drop off the girls, but being the awesome lady that she is. She met me at the dentist office.

They numbed my mouth before doing an x-ray and oh my gosh I felt a million times better. It looked like a part of my wisdom tooth had broken off and that was causing the pain. Lucky me I got to have a wisdom tooth removed and I got to see an oral surgeon to do it because the root was right there in the nerve that helps your facial movement and the dentist didn't feel comfortable removing it. Luckily I got referred to someone that could remove it that same day. Down the street I drove, numb face and all. Oh and as a double bonus I couldn't be sedated for them to remove it, I had to get more shots in my mouth and wait like 45 minutes to make sure it was good and numb.

I felt (and looked) like I had literally been smacked in the side of my face with a frying pan. I got some pain medicine and drove home. Conrad was on his way to school, it was his first class and he had to be there. Kathy thankfully kept the girls until it was bath and bedtime and she came over bathed & put Aubrey to bed. Conrad had gotten out of class early and helped me put Allyson to bed (she missed her momma so much!) I am so thankful for Kathy's help. She seriously dropped everything to help me, and I can't tell her thank you enough. Conrad has been a wonderful help too.

I didn't sleep that well last night because of the swelling and the pain. Kathy saved the day again and took the girls until Conrad came home from work. I was able to get some sleep throughout the day. Because of the medicine and/or being pregnant I've gotten sick a few time. I'm starving. I can't wait to eat food!! I miss my bagels :)

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  1. That sounds awful. Hope you are feeling better now. And, yea for having such a cool mother in law that will help at a moments notice.


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