Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Wreath

Our front door is really ugly and boring. So while spending some time on Pintrest I came across this cute simple fabric wreath. I have like 3 of them pinned. I think they are so cute and as a bonus they seemed to be so easy. 

 Different Fabrics
wire hanger 

I bought 1/2 yard of  5 different fabrics (I got waaayy to much- I'm probably going to make another for a friend)

Next I had to cut the fabrics into 1x 6 inch strips.
I bent the wire hanger into a circle-ish shape.

Then get some sort of pattern going and tie the strips around the hanger. 

And Voila! 
It was seriously that easy!! 

I think that it needs some sort of bow or something else. I just need to figure out what. 
And yes it's hanging on my door already. Conrad thinks I'm crazy because if you are here in CA you know the weather is anything but fall. I'm hoping maybe Mother Nature will see this and bring fall ish weather our way. 


  1. This inspires me. Kind of makes me want to get crafty and make one too!


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