Friday, August 19, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Back to School Traditions

Linking up with Kelly's Korner today for Show Us your Life.

Aubrey isn't in school yet so we haven't started anything BUT I do plan on doing a few things. I want to do something fun the last day of summer or sometime that last week. Dessert for dinner? Going out for a special Mommy/Daughter dinner date? Daddy/daughter? I don't know but I'd like to do something fun like that. When my sisters were little they used to like doing a fashion show of their new school clothes. Maybe have a fun night doing that or something.

First Day of school. Pictures of course!!! I saw these on Pintrest, might be a cute idea. I've seen some friends that take their child's picture next to the school sign and you can see how they've grown since kindergarten. Fun fun!!

Crazy to think that Aubs will be in kindergarten next year. Wow!


  1. Hi stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Your girls are adorable. My oldest was born on November 4 too!!

  2. Aww what a good day to have a baby :)

  3. A fashion show sounds like a great idea! I bet your daughter would love it.


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