Sunday, July 31, 2011

Night time around here

My sweet little Allyson used to be a good night time sleeper and good at taking her naps... then teething started and I think that's when it when downhill. 

She used to sleep for 11-12 hours a night. It was wonderful! I would just turn her sound machine on and put her in bed with 3 binkies and she would be out. She was taking 2-3 naps a day. Same thing, sound machine, binkies and OUT!  Then those darn teeth started popping up. She's up to 6 teeth. I think she's getting 2 more bottom teeth but won't let me see inside her mouth. She's just a mess.  For the past 6-7 weeks she's been waking up two to three times a nap. Like clock work. 11 o'clock. 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock. Serious Allyson? I'm worn out. I wake up tired. When she goes to bed at 7:30 I'm too awake to sleep. At 10 I'm finally ready for bed but end up staying up until she wakes up. It's not working anymore. We tried to let her cry it out the other night. (which is what we did a few months ago) and it did not work. She cried for an hour, on and off. If Conrad goes in there she just looks around for me. So it's up to me. 

Last night I needed a break. My mother in law took her so I could get a good nights sleep. Oh and it was amazing!! I slept from 10-8. It was so nice to wake up and be ready to start the day. How did Ally do at Amma's house? Wonderful!! She slept 11 hours straight, didn't make a peep. Kathy went to check on her multiple times. Sound asleep. What the heck?? I'm praying that Ally thinks she's still at Amma's and sleeps tonight. So far so good, it's 11:14 and it's quiet here. I'm sure that I'm jinxing this by even typing this but we'll see.
So if you are awake say a little prayer for Allyson and myself, that we both get a good nights sleep. 

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