Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had such a great day yesterday!! Aubrey has been so excited for the 4th of July since the firework stands started to go up! I had asked Aubrey if she knew why we celebrated the fourth of the July. She without hesitating said because of Jesus!!! Perfect answer Aub!! :) 

We started the day off bright and early downtown at the parade. This was the first year Conrad was able to join us but my mommy had to work. We got a great spot. It was shaded when we got there and pretty much stayed that way so the heat wasn't too bad. Allyson stayed at Kathy's house. Ally doesn't do well with loud noises like the motorcycles, honking horns and all the other fun noises the parade brings. It worked out great though because she ended up taking a great nap and was able to be up for a large part of the afternoon. 

We had a great time of hanging out and playing at Kathy's. The girls hung out outside in the heat while the little girls played in the kiddy pool. We had a yummy dinner and dessert then the wait from dinner to dark with three wound up/tired/excited little girl = long!! 

The fireworks were so much fun to watch. Aubrey loved it and even got to help daddy light some. Thankfully Allyson was asleep and STAYED asleep throughout all the loud noises. I can't wait until next year to see how she will like it. 

For some reason I can't move my pictures around so here are some from the parade 
Me & my love 

Waiting for the parade to start 

 Some of my favs from the parade. 
They were giving out fans and 20% off ... heck yes!

this guy cracked me up!! he was in the tub scrubbin' his feet

Church in the Park

I loved seeing the cardboard signs that various people were holding about how this is helped and changed their lives.

Before we moved we used to drive by this every Sunday after church. There is a yellow sign that is put up and it says something like Meals provided by God. One morning Aubrey said that it is really neat that God is at the park today! I love the things she says!!


Yep, that's me. Running through the stopped parade to go pee.
Thanks babe for taking a picture. I wanted to remember this moment always. 

I love the 1/2 car thing. Aubrey thought it was hilarious!  

running for candy

Hope you all had  a great Fourth of July! 

God Bless America! 

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