Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eight months

My sweet Allybug,
You are getting too big way too fast. You have 4 teeth and I'm pretty sure you have one more making it's way through. You roll every where. You can push up on your hands and almost your knees. But you push your body up, turn and pivot  and roll where you want to go. You are fast too! 

You love to peek a boo, pat a cake, deep and wide and Ride the horsey is your favorite. You love hanging upside. Aubrey is still the funniest person you have ever met with Daddy as a close second.

Taking your pictures every month in getting harder and harder, it's alright though because each month you get cuter and cuter!! This month your month-day (?) was on Fourth of July. .. so you had an adorable dress made by Mommy 

Mmm beads 

♥ Allybug ♥

Height: 26 3/4 or 27 inches ... you were quite the wiggle worm 

Weight:  17 pounds and 1/2 ounce


  1. I know I already said something on facebook (like everyone else on there did too) but that picture of Ally with the beads in her mouth is about the most adorable picture I have ever seen. Great job taking the pics and great job with the dress!


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