Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day Camp pictures

Day 3 

Day 4 

Last Day 

My little goof ball at the Faire 

Aubrey had a BLAST!! 

At the Faire today she had so much fun playing games and getting candy and little animal/safari toys. She would show me what she won after every game. They had bounce houses and she LOVED that. 

It took some time for her to actually tell me what she would learn about. Thank goodness they sent home a paper. We went over her memory verse  and she had it down on day one.  Made this momma proud.

At the end of the day the teacher reviewed what they went over this week. She would ask questions and little Miss Aubrey had the answer every time. The teacher asked Aubrey if they could let someone else answer a question. lol.

While Aubrey was at camp I got to enjoy time with Allyson and nap time. So very nice. But I really missed that little girl while she was there. It made me think about having to send her off to kindergarden next year. Next year!! I have one more year with my little girl and then she's a big kid and off to school. I can't even wrap my head around having a kindergardener. 

That's enough of that... I'm off to bed. 

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