Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rice cereal for Allyson

We gave Allybug rice cereal tonight. This isn't her first time. I cheated and gave it to her a couple days ago because I was impatient and couldn't wait for Conrad to be home. The time before she didn't really eat much at all. I'm talking just a teeny tiny not even a spoonful. But she HATED it. Made the worst faces, even moved her head so I couldn't put the spoon in her mouth. So, being the wonderful mother that I am, brought cereal for everyone to see.

AND of course took pictures of it. (Uncle Cody was taking pictures )

First bite ... yuck!

Uncle Cody ...

Another bite


Uncle Cody .. help me!

Then she started to lean toward the spoon.

Not too bad ...

Ew wait ... yea it's bad.

she probably took a few more bites and then was done. She made some of the best faces. My sweet little Allybug. I'm doing to try again tomorrow at lunch time.

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