Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BIG Changes for Allyson

Allyson's first tooth popped through on the 9th, yay!! This whole teething thing came out of no where. On Mother's Day she was a snot nose, drooling, fussy little mess. We made it through the day and night. Monday she was doing better, the tylenol help. That afternoon tooth #1 made it's appearance. She doesn't really let me look in her mouth. It looks like the one next to it may be coming through soon, but I can't really get a good look.

We've also finally moved Allyson into her crib in her room. It only took six and half months. Now we are just working getting her naps to be longer and falling asleep on her own. Oh how I wish I would have done this a looong time ago. I've figured out that Ally sleeps a lot better when it's darker and there is noise. She sleeps soooo long at Kathy's house and there is a clock that's ticking away. I laid her down for a nap while at Candice's last week and it was amazing what she slept through. So after lots of debating we decided to get a white noise machine. We went with the same one Candice has. She said she's had it forever, it still works great... SOLD!

This bad boy should be here Thursday! I ♥ Amazon!