Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wearing Pink for Spring for SIDS

Yesterday my sweet little girls put on their pink and their pink bow to support Spring for SIDS. Don't they look so cute??

This is for you Maddie & Macie! Go Team M!!

I've been following the blogs of two women who had the absolute worst thing happen to them. Their precious little girls were suddenly taken from them due to SIDS. Their mothers are both raising money and awareness about SIDS. After reading these blogs and just the heartache these women feel... I hug both my girls tighter at night and thank Jesus for each and every day that he gives me with my little princesses.

Speaking of princesses ...
Yesterday was also the royal wedding ... oh la la la ... We didn't watch it, we don't have cable otherwise I probably would have. Miss Allyson woke up early enough to watch. So I thought she could not only wear pink BUT where her Queen of the Castle onesie AND her princess binky. I know you just want to squeeze her huh??

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