Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love Modesto

Modesto doesn't have the best reputation ...

... Laci Peterson & Scott Peterson

... Gary Condit & Chandra Levy

... most miserable city

... #1 city for stolen cars

Doesn't sound like a place you want to move your family to right?

Love Modesto started a few years ago. Showing people that we are a great community with amazing people. There are many different projects that people can help out with and serve within our community.

loving her links

We chose to bring cookies to public servants. I decided to let Aubrey pick where would take our cookies ... Chocolate Chip cookies & Chocolate Crinkles ... Chocolate overload yes?

The gang at the police station!

Then to Memorial Hospital to deliver cookies to the EMTs. He even turned the lights on the ambulance for Aubrey!

The Farmer's Market was today. We had a great time. Allyson LOVED to people watch.

Then the library for some more Franklin books.

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