Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wiggle Worms

We haven't been to Wiggle Worms at the library in so long. Aubrey used to love it! Singing songs, wiggling and listening to stories what kid wouldn't love it?? It was time to go back!

Allyson ready for her first trip to the library!
When we got there Allyson was happy in her stroller, so I left her in there and sat on the floor with Aubrey and we sang a few songs. We clapped our hands, and that's when Allyson freaked out.

She was tired + loud clapping = Allyson crying.

I took her out of the stroller and set her on my lap and she loved it! Loved the songs, all of the kids, and of course her silly sister. After it's over they have all the kids line up and they can get a stamp on their hands.

Train Stamp!
It's a great little program that the library does. They try to teach kids good audience skills, so they also ask parents not to take pictures until it's over. It's too bad. Aubrey looked really cute dancing around. Afterwards we checked out some books.

Franklin her favorite.

And Allyson??

Tomorrow is the preschool story time. We are going to give that a try and see which program Aubrey does better with and then go weekly.

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