Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 16: Dream House

I've been thinking about this one for awhile. I know there are things that I want in a house and things I definitely do not want.

I want to have a big backyard. I want my kids to be able to run and play out there. Have a picnic table. A swimming pool. I want my girls to have a play house out in the back.

I want a nice big porch. With a cute comfy little swing.

I want a one of those front doors that are glass. I want to have my front door far away from the street that way the whole world can't see in.

I want a big family room. With a fire place. I want to be able to buy a gianormous Christmas tree and still have plenty of room for the family to gather around.

My pool has to have a pretty waterfall and pretty landscaping around.

I want there to be colorful flowers in the front of my house. With green perfect grass.

A big garage ... for my lovely hubby.

I want a little nook or something in my bedroom where I can just curl up and read in a cozy chair or sofa.

I don't know if I would want a two story house, but if I did it would have to have a laundry shoot.

Ohh I want a big laundry room. With a place to hang my clothes. A counter for folding clothes.

I feel like I could go on and on .. ahh my dream home ..

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