Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 5 : What's in your purse?

Aaahhh my purse ... way back when I used to have really cute purses. Small ones, big ones. Matching wallets. before I had to carry actual stuff.

Last year Conrad bought me a really cute bag from Jo Totes

It's amazing. I can bring my nice camera in the bag without worrying about it being squished because it's cushioned. It comes with all these velcro dividers so I can bring all my other stuff. and by stuff I mean my wallet and phone. So much stuff right?

Then Miss Allybug came along and it was back to diaper bags for me.

This is my current "purse"
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Lovely huh? *eye roll*
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For Ally
diapers, wipes, nursing cover, an extra outfit, usually a bottle

For Aubrey
iPod for Aubrey, a snack for Aubrey

For Me
my wallet and checkbook gets shoved in there, my keys get lost in there, and receipts get crinkled in this bag. My iPhone goes in the outside pocket, right next to my lip gloss. And any other random thing that comes along gets shoved in there.

I bought a really cute, fun fabric and I'm going to make a diaper bag. Something cute. I swear it will get made before Ally's first birthday!

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