Monday, December 13, 2010


I realized I haven't posted in a while. It has been a rough couple of weeks but it is getting better. I haven't been on my actual computer in awhile. I've been using my ipod to check emails, be on facebook and what not. It's a little weird to be on the laptop now. . . anywho ..

Allyson is FINALLY gaining weight. Last week she was up to 8 pounds 1/2 ounce! All of our hard work is paying off. She is starting to be awake more and more. She's smiling at us. She is a good little baby.

Aubrey is LOVING life as a big sister!! She cares so much for Allyson. She comes into the nursery and gives me diapers when Ally has a dirty diaper. She is always willing to run to go get a blankey, binky, diaper, my phone or ipod. She's awesome! When Allyson starts to fuss or even make a little noise Aubrey lets me know. She always wants to hold/hug/kiss/rub/talk to or play with Ally. I think sometimes she forgets that Ally isn't a doll.

My little goof ball!

I can't believe that Ally is almost 6 weeks old!! She has changed soo much. Conrad and I are soaking up every minute of baby bliss because we remember just how fast they grow. We have been fortunate enough to have Conrad be home helping me these last 6 weeks. He is going back to work this week. I am scared to have him go back to work. He has been such an incredible help. I know how much he has enjoyed this time too. We are all going to miss him!!!

It's going to be feeding time soon. I also need to get the clothes out of the dryer. Yep this is when I do my laundry!

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