Monday, November 1, 2010

Feeling under the weather - DR Appt

This morning I woke up not feeling well. I ate breakfast and wasn't able to keep that down. I tried a few other times to eat and wasn't able to keep anything down. I called the DR and they wanted me to come in this afternoon to make sure that everything was okay with Allyson and myself.

The DR didn't sounds like he was too worried about it. I had an NST scheduled for tomorrow but he wanted me to have it done today to make sure that our little one was doing good. Conrad was at this appointment with me. It was soooo nice to have someone in the room with me. Ally was moving around, so all is good. The NST monitors contractions and baby's heart rate. Usually my contractions are around 19-20ish. Today they were in the 100's and were peaking at 160. Something is happening in there YAY!!

Before the NST he checked me and there was some progress. Those hours of bouncing on the exercise ball and dancing to Vanilla Ice is paying off. My cervix is thin and not dilated but he said that her head is right there. He looked at my chart and asked what the other DR said about inducing. I told him what the other DR's had told me and he said that we have made some progress and we will see what the NST says and maybe schedule an induction.

So the NST looked great, Ally isn't in any danger. He called the hospital came back in and said How about Thursday?? Sounds P E R F E C T to me!! I'm so happy to finally have a date. There is an end in sight, finally!!

I'm so excited to think in just 3 days we will get to meet our little girl!! I cannot wait!!

Blood Pressure: 110/62

Weight: 159 pounds -
I lost three pounds since Thursday.
I think this is due to my ball bouncing and dancing,
and not keeping food down today.

Baby's heart rate : 130 - Allyson was sleeping

Measuring: 38 weeks

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