Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ally's Weight

These last couple weeks has been exhausting!! I forgot just how much work it is to have a newborn in the house. I have enjoyed every sleepless minute. I'm enjoying all the little yawns, the snuggles and cuddles I have with Allyson. I remember how fast they grow.

One struggle that we have had is Ally gaining weight. Here is how it's been over the last 2 weeks.

11/4 7 lbs 1 ounce birth weight

11/6 She was discharged from the hospital at 6 lbs 11 oz

11/8 - DR Appt 6 lbs 7 oz - and because of her weight he wants to see her back in 2 weeks on the 11/22

11/12 - I went to a Breast-feeding Support Group at Memorial. I went to get help with my latch and sore nipples but couldn't get an appointment until Monday and they were able to help there. If I didnt go I would have given up on nursing her. I was able to check her weight here and she was at 6 lbs 14 oz.

11/15 LC Appt - 6 lbs 11.5 oz - Ally had lost weight in 3 days. The LC said that newborns usually gain about 1/2 ounce to an ounce a day. She recommended pumping to increase my supply, that maybe Ally wasn't getting enough. She said that by 2 weeks old babies should be back at their birth weight. She asked me to come back on Wednesday to check her weight.

11/17 Weight check - 6 lbs 10.5 oz- and I had just fed her, 20-30 mins before weighing her. This is when they recommended feeding her using the tube on some feedings to get her some extra milk. She recommended that I keep pumping and keep feeding her every 2 hours.

11/19 - LC Appointment - Ally weighed 6 lbs 10.5 oz. No gain no loss. It was truly frustrating at this point. Now we are to feed her every 2 hours and feed her using the tube also.

11/22 - DR Appointment - Here it is 2 weeks later and we have pulled out all of the stops except formula. The LC said that her pediatrician might recommend supplementing Ally with formula, but this would be for Ally's best interest. Conrad and I were both pretty nervous going to this appointment. We have tried everything and had our fingers crossed for some kind of gain. To our great surprise when we put Allyson on the scale it read 7 pound 1/2 ounce. She gained 7 ounces in 3 days!! All of our hard work had paid off. She is a 1/2 ounce shy of her birth weight but the pediatrician isn't worried. Praise God. We have an appointment with the LC on Wednesday and we are going to see what they recommend doing. Hopefully Allyson will have continued to gain weight and we can cut out the tube feeding or at least some of them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to the world Allyson Grace

Our induction was scheduled at 7:30AM on November 4th. Aubrey was off to her Papa and Nana's house and we set out to the hospital to meet our second little princess. I had my IV put and was just waiting for the doctor's orders to start the medicine to help me to dilate. I started the medicine at 9:30 and had to lay down for 2 hours to give the medicine a chance to work. Things got a little crazy because my nurse had some how hit her head and was over in the ER, luckily she was okay but had to go home. We got our new nurse, Lillian, who was amazing!!

I started to have contractions that were coming pretty frequently but nothing too horrible. At 2 o'clock my contraction were coming frequently but not doing anything. They were coming too often to insert another pill. I still wasn't dilated more than a 1/2 cm . . yes you read that correctly a half of a centimeter. They said that if nothing happened by 8 PM they would let me eat (since I had been told not to eat anything past midnight the previous night) I prayed that labor would progress.

I did some bouncing on the ball, my mom and I walked the hallways what felt like a million times. Our nurse even let us go into the main hallway and walk. At that point I was 3 cm dilated. While walking the main hallway my contractions went from bad to worse in what felt like a matter of minutes.

At 6PM I was back in the room and was checked. I was 6cm dilated. My water had broke while the nurse checked me. I had my epidural in and was feeling sooo much better. I was checked again at 7 o'clock and was 8cm dilated. Things were moving right along, we were getting so much closer to meeting our little Allyson. At about 7:30 the nurse had came in and had me change positions because she noticed that little Ally's heart rate was getting lower, nothing to be worried about yet. Laid on my side for a few minutes, tried my other side and then she put the oxygen mask on me for a little bit. She said that changing positions sometimes helps and if it doesn't it might mean that baby is right there and ready to come out so she checked me and guess what 10 CM!!! We were getting ready to push. She called the DR and we waited. She said that just because I'm at 10 doesn't mean that I need to push, to wait until I had the urge.

Then the fun started. People came into the room. The bed was being pulled apart. The baby's bed was getting warmed up... it was BABY TIME!! The DR came in and I pushed for about 4 minutes and Allyson was out. So much faster this time around (I pushed for 2 1/2 hours with Aubrey) I had a small tear and only needed 1 stitch.

She arrived at 8:13 PM weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce, 20 1/2 inches and was just perfect. She got 8/9 on her APGAR test. She came out crying, she was just beautiful. Papa and Nana brought Aubrey to the hospital so she could finally meet her baby sister. It was so neat to see Aubrey's face. She just stared down at her and didn't even know what to think. It was just amazing to witness. Family and friends came to visit. The nurse brought me some food. A turkey sandwich, chips, a cookie and a cranberry juice and 7 up. Let me tell you how amazing that was! I hadn't eaten since the previous night and I was able to have chips, a cookie and juice. AMAZING!!!

She is a great baby. She only cries when she's hungry. Breastfeeding went well in the hospital. We have had some trouble the last week since being home, but we are working on it with a lactation consultant and are working through it.

Things are going wonderful at home. Candice and Kathy decorated our house. So much fun to come home too. We have been blessed with great family and friends that have been bringing meals over for us. Aubrey is adjusting well to having Allyson home. She loves to give her hugs, kisses, sing to the baby. It's just wonderful ! I love love love being a mommy!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Sister Aubrey

♥ It doesn't get much better than this ♥

Aubrey is such a great big sister! She has so much love for Baby Ally. She is adjusting to life with a little sister pretty well. She does such a great job helping. She loves to kiss Allyson, talk to her, rub her, hold her and help with diaper changing. I just love love love seeing the two of them together. I know that they are going to be close and it just melts my heart.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Allyson's First DR Appt

Ally had her first visit to the doctor today. Just to check her weight and check for jaundice. She was discharged from the hospital weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and low risk for jaundice. The DR checked her out and said that she looks great. She has lost some weight and wants to get her weight back up so we are to feed her every 2-3 hours and are coming back in 2 weeks just to make sure she is gaining the weight that she needs to.

Length: 20 1/2 inches
Weight: 6 pounds 7 ounces

She wasn't too happy about the appointment. She did great though.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Allyson Grace is here

Allyson Grace

7 pounds 1 ounce

20 1/2 inches

November 4, 2010 @ 8:13 PM

God's little miracle

Proud parents

Family of Four

Monday, November 1, 2010

Feeling under the weather - DR Appt

This morning I woke up not feeling well. I ate breakfast and wasn't able to keep that down. I tried a few other times to eat and wasn't able to keep anything down. I called the DR and they wanted me to come in this afternoon to make sure that everything was okay with Allyson and myself.

The DR didn't sounds like he was too worried about it. I had an NST scheduled for tomorrow but he wanted me to have it done today to make sure that our little one was doing good. Conrad was at this appointment with me. It was soooo nice to have someone in the room with me. Ally was moving around, so all is good. The NST monitors contractions and baby's heart rate. Usually my contractions are around 19-20ish. Today they were in the 100's and were peaking at 160. Something is happening in there YAY!!

Before the NST he checked me and there was some progress. Those hours of bouncing on the exercise ball and dancing to Vanilla Ice is paying off. My cervix is thin and not dilated but he said that her head is right there. He looked at my chart and asked what the other DR said about inducing. I told him what the other DR's had told me and he said that we have made some progress and we will see what the NST says and maybe schedule an induction.

So the NST looked great, Ally isn't in any danger. He called the hospital came back in and said How about Thursday?? Sounds P E R F E C T to me!! I'm so happy to finally have a date. There is an end in sight, finally!!

I'm so excited to think in just 3 days we will get to meet our little girl!! I cannot wait!!

Blood Pressure: 110/62

Weight: 159 pounds -
I lost three pounds since Thursday.
I think this is due to my ball bouncing and dancing,
and not keeping food down today.

Baby's heart rate : 130 - Allyson was sleeping

Measuring: 38 weeks