Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NST appointment

This morning was my NST appointment at my OB's office. My precious little girl did not want to cooperate ... yes I'm talking about Allyson!! I was hooked up to the machine and NOTHING. She must have been sleeping. I tried poking my belly, nothing. Then I was pushing on my belly and I get a lovely little kick back and then nothing. She must have been saying "Mom I'm trying to sleep." They came in a checked the paper and of course nothing had happen so I laid for a little while longer, and a part of me started to panic just a teeny tiny bit. I don't know what happens if she doesn't move or her heart rate doesn't get to where it needs to be. After my mini attack she started moving and kicking and doing just fine. The nurse came in, checked out the readings and we were good to go!

My next NST is on Thursday, followed by my regular appointment. Hopefully I will receive some good news!!

And just for fun ...

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