Friday, October 29, 2010

39 weeks and Appointment Update

I had my NST and 39 week appointment yesterday and well let’s say I didn’t leave happy. NST went like the last one. Little Miss Ally didn’t want to move for the longest time then BAM!! She went nuts.

Next I had my appointment. . . Allyson is measuring 38 weeks. Her heart rate is great. Looked at my blood sugars ... doing wonderful. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I did because I had be bouncing on the exercise ball, I went walking, and even danced my butt off with Aubrey. DR checked and a big fat NO CHANGE. Still closed and thick. So since Ally is doing great and my sugars are where they need to be and my cervix hasn’t changed she still doesn’t want to schedule an induction. This was heartbreaking to me. I am so over being pregnant. I’m ready to meet this little girl. I know Conrad and Aubrey are ready to meet her. I know that they aren’t scheduling it because it is what’s best, and they are looking out for my health and Allyson’s but it just stinks.

I think I cried for a good 2 hours yesterday. I don’t know what upset me the most. Having not made any progress after trying. Having to wait longer to meet her. Being told that I wouldn’t go past my due date and yet I have another doctor’s appointment ON MY DUE DATE. I’m mad that I have to continue this silly GD diet. I guess I was hoping/thinking that even with no progress they would set a date for November 5th or November 8th.

It is a horrible tease looking around the house and seeing her cute room, wanting to sit and rock with her on the glider, walking by her bassinet in our room, the pack n play in the living room and her car seat it’s all just staring at me. I can’t wait to see what she looks likes. Will she have blue eyes like Conrad and Aubrey, will they be green like mine? Will she look like Aubrey when she was born? Will she be a good baby? Will I be able to nurse. All these things that I felt like were going to be answered sometime within the next 7 days ... or have a date set. . But I am thankful that she is growing well and I’m doing good.

Weight: 162 pounds

Blood Pressure: 122/74 (highest it’s been)

Baby’s Heart rate: 140

Measuring: 38 weeks

How far along: 39 weeks and 1 day

Next appointment: Another NST on Tuesday. DR appt on Thursday

Any new aches/pains: I’m just DONE being pregnant. I have pressure in my pelvis. It hurts to walk or stand.

Sleep: I really can’t complain too much. I’m only getting up once to go to the bathroom. It’s uncomfortable yes but not horrible.

Best moment this week: I made cookies with Aubrey last night and had a few ... ohhh they were good!!!

Movement: Lots and lots. Especially at night, she is going to be our little night owl.

Labor signs: A few contractions here and there.

What I’m looking forward to this week: I can’t wait to take Aubrey to the Halloween Harvest Festival at church on Sunday. She’s going to be a ballerina and she is going to be sooo adorable!!

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